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Off Highway 27Minnow AgroundSnow Spirit in BlueCan You Come Out To Play?SheepOld TruckBuckPortrait of Michael StadtlanderL'homme des neigeInside the old Pauze Farm IPauze Farm INigelTiny Island in the FogHThanksgiving Weekend Pumpkin AcquisitionGourdsAbandonnePeach QueenPatternsEarly Morning MauveHuskyMattieFog and treeSnowy SmileFallenCold SurfCracked IceLafontaine thawBradAlong the pathThrough the canopyPlayset by moonlightScience of LightBirch RollCaughtEthan and Chloe, October 2008Row upon rowWindblown IncognitoIn the fogStanding GuardCivil War Reenactment, Wildwood Conservation Area, near St. Mary's, OntarioHolland Marsh, First Snow, November 7, 2007 - in coloursHolland Marsh, First Snow, November 7, 2007Infrared OffroaderClose upOrangeFruit Stand, Niagara ParkwayAdmiral Submarine, BrantfordOld Chevy in IRLeafySquirrelAcornTrilliumLichenWiresRed CanoeBeautifulNiagara Gorge...The beginning of the thaw...?A&K CanoodlingPeregrineBarn Owl, awkwardGreat Horned OwlLINE-ColormartI wonder how many were carried..Chateau GardensSunset, Pigeon LakeDirty side with Fog, Trees AdvancingBramblesOne Man's Junk is Another Man's Blog-PostFall in the DellHouse on the HillNear KinmountSunset for HelenChimo in Sunrise with FogRocky FogFog (burning off)Fishing in the fogFoggy Forest with Power LinesFoggy MarshOminous Piles"Record Bear" - Kinmount, Ontario.Harvest TimeSweet RideDemolition Derby, Kinmount FairCrowd at KinmountAt the Kinmount FairMuddyHydro pylon footing, near Wesleyville Generating Station, Ontario.Shameless Sunset #9999Padlock for a railroad, Stratford, OntarioInside Birmingham Manor Bed & Breakfast Inn, StratfordShelburne WindmillsIn to the mist, over the tracks and beyond...Frost and InfraredTake the A TrainRiverdale Farm ResidentLe Chateau du Moulinsart/Marlinspike Hall/ChevernyMeera BankaTulip walkThe Donnybrook Ruin, Riverdale FarmFenceSpring Flora at Riverdale FarmWoodbine WillowsFarm House in Green
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