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Anaconda!Tarantula!Wintery Couple in High Park (with dogs)Octo!My oh myUndisclosed Facility IIUndisclosed Facility IDecay & RoaringSanta Claus faces the mediaHigh Park Sunbeams Pt 2, the November edition IIUp up upDowntown facesGallardo #2OverlookingCourtney with FlagOverhead SeaplaneQEW Westbound, August 10th, 2008 8pmRAF C17 Transport - ZZ176 - parked at the North Terminal off Derry Rd. August 6th, 2008.Bogdan ILancaster Bomber flyoverCrawlingMorning CN TowerDawn over destructionLunar Eclipse, Feb 20th 2008Ball-Head-ArchwaySorauren Park Pumpkin Parade 2007Admiral Submarine, BrantfordOverpostedFirst Minute, $20.Dirty!Old PylonStumpedThe Hand...MuddyHUM DISplash BWBurning SkyMagic MushroomsIceBaby BovineNot a phoneSpot the Kitty, behind Vine St.Chaise AbandonnéI wonder how many were carried..Snake on a HandLatin Quarter, SunlightDashbord Lit by the ParadiseGoodyear with FrostOur FounderChopsticks, anyone?Nature Rebels... and wins!Doo GP TwoPidgies 02Pidgies 01Little Headless Barbie ClonesThe Yarmouth PachydermDo Not EnterGrouper with OctopusCrowd at KinmountLaugh it upShaven Heads of ManagementJoey and NickNo Parking!Look don't Leap!Beer Fuels the FallsJoey - Ghost PunchJason, A Scanner Darkly TributeExitThe last balloon image ever I promiseBack FireNew Dharma Initiative Hatch Discovered!Hot Air Balloon in Infrared #2Hot Air Balloon (desaturated and deflated)Balloon in IR #1Tony-Ghost Punch-Western StylesMe
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