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Chloe (disaffected glamour portrait)AngryJosephine at 11 mos.Boss FightAnaconda!Tarantula!Chloe lookingPortrait of Michael StadtlanderHippo!Chloe, StraightenedChloe at the Beach, Easter 2010DisappointedOcto!Baby's got a new pair of shoes IIBaby's got a new pair of shoes!NigelA Kiss in the DarkThanksgiving Weekend Pumpkin AcquisitionFlower in the sunon the bumpPhil X IIJessica @ the Ex IIJessica @ the Ex IJessica @ the Ex IIISydney & BenSerious businessDirty FingersChloeChloe CrayonHamming itHaloInner TubeThings are looking upPinball ClemonsThe Jessica Mitchell BandStephanie, Lighting TestHuskyInveterate ClimberBogdan IISnowy SmileDecay & RoaringBradJason with pipeJason with welding goggles 01OverlookingSilly FaceEthan and Chloe, October 2008Ethan (Ghost Dog)Courtney with FlagFlying FreeParkdale FlowersJack (brother to Riggs)Riggs, close upRiggs, key lightingFreezies after dinnerIn the lightE&C in ParkdaleBaskingParty People IIParty PeopleAlexanderBogdan IWindblown IncognitoChloe X 3Edgar, test with RingflashLola IILola IEthan and Chloe, June 2008TamaraMeet Spike the Crested Gecko, newest member of the Grant familyMenagerie MascotReveller, St. Patrick's Day 2007DoraAlexander at ChristmastimeGregChloe at the BeachChloe Hamming it up in a HammockThey aren't all good days.My Nephew, Alexander James GrantEasy RiderSi ManhStephBeautifulBobcaygeon Fair Ambassador @ The Easter Parade, 2007Close upStick It To The ManEthan Under GlassEdgarEthanPaddy's Day Reveller, Fionn MacCool'sChristine, the Ides of March, 2007Happy Anniversary, Rob & Jackie!Up Close and PersonalPeregrineBarn Owl, awkwardGreat Horned OwlBwah-hahahahahahBed-headRon Dembo (Alternate take)Cameron with PriusClowns scare the crap out of me.Heeeere's CHLOE!!!!Our FounderRobbie 002 - B/WRon DemboEllen, ContemplatingDoo GP TwoAntoinetta & FrankAfter Rockwell, pt. 2Seth at IFOAMorning, after Rockwell.ChloeChester BrownKellyTriangleLaugh it upShaven Heads of ManagementJoey and NickJoey - Ghost PunchLewyJason, A Scanner Darkly TributeScott of the NeighborhoodThe Skeltons, Portrait Session June 19, 2006CherylL'Homme qui observait Le LoireTony-Ghost Punch-Western StylesMeRob
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