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  currently viewing: Padlock for a railroad, Stratford, Ontario Stratford, Ontario was once a hub in the railway network serving Southern Ontario. There was a major engine works there, which built and maintained the engine stock for the Grand Trunk Railway and the CNR. Near the end of its tenure, the works were used to dismantle hundreds of the very engines it had been commissioned to build, for scrap. [see here for more pics from a 2004 shoot I did at the old shops] Stratford's railway station is still active, although it only sees two trains a day (9am and 2pm, Monday to Friday). I found this device clamped to a siding where two engines and a railway snowplow attachment were kept, most likely to deter joyriders. Sort of a 'The Club' for diesel engines. Categories: [Countryside]  [Exploring]  [Travelling]  [Vacation]  

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