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  currently viewing: The Former Norman Elder Museum, 140 Bedford Rd. Norman Elder, a true Toronto eccentric who was at one time an accomplished member of the Canadian Equestrian Team (his brother Jim Elder is also well known for his horsemanship), a layman explorer of the world's rainforest communities and a collector of all things strange and wonderful, committed suicide on October 15, 2006 following a series of court cases that implicated him in a series of assaults on teenaged boys. Those that knew Norm like I did, as a longtime friend and neighbour [and landlord in the early 90's], saw a dramatically different personality than was painted of him during the trials he endured around the turn of the century. I knew him as a tremendously caring, sensitive and peaceful man who was endlessly curious about the world and its inhabitants. He was without a doubt the oldest child I have ever met and his house, 140 Bedford Rd, also known as The Norman Elder Museum, was basically his fort. He added on rooms and knocked out walls (and flooring!) and created a home that was endlessly changing but stood as a record of Norm's life. Now, it has been gutted, cleansed and renewed as a single-family dwelling. I sigh every time I pass by thinking about Norm and all the times I and many of my friends had inside those walls. Today is Norm's birthday. He would have been 67. Note: I am collecting information and photographs relating to Norm and the Museum. If you have anything to contribute please don't hesitate to contact me. Categories: [Exploring]  [Neighbourhood]  [Toronto]  

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  • I lived there in 92/93, and also knew Norman as a very caring and giving person. The Museum was the coolest place to live. I will never forget either of them.
    Bobbi @ 2008-03-23 09:00:05
  • I lived at the museum from the late 80's to early 90's and although it's now been nearly 20 years - my acquaintance with Norm, his spirit and his wonderfully off-kilter world formed a fundamental part of me - leading me into the 'exploratory' world or documentary film (one of which - "The Herd" - was partly filmed in the museum. I'm honored to have known Norm and will always number him as a friend - in many ways a living friend. I wish I had pictures to share of life at the Museum from when I was there - but unfortunately I don't. Will check back on this site from time to time though.
    Nick @ 2008-07-24 14:45:45


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