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  currently viewing: Sunset from the plane, adjusted This was taken from the window next to seat 3A on Air Canada Flight 862 to London, England, May 26th, 2006. The colours have been boosted for effect. We were still climbing to our eventual cruising altitude of 37,000 asl at the time. Categories: [International]  [Travelling]  [Vacation]  

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  • Hame

    Great photo, would make a great wallpaper.

    Hope all is well. Sorry not to catch you in London when you were here.

    Alex Skelton @ 2006-06-07 09:53:53
  • Niiiiiice colour treatment here. The texture of those clouds makes me want to touch them. Beautiful!
    Jerrold (photosapience) @ 2006-06-07 17:31:51


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