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  currently viewing: Admiral Submarine, Brantford Brantford has little going for it these days (despite its Alexander Graham Bell and Wayne Gretzy connections) ... industry seems to have largely departed, and yet driving through town today (my first time in about 10 years), I saw signs of urban renewal - renovations of office buildings and such. But still so many empty storefronts. One thing that Brantford DOES have going for it is the Admiral Submarine shop on Dalhousie St., near the center of town. They make one of the best double banquet burgers in Ontario - two huge homeburgers, slices of peameal bacon and cheese with toppings... the whole thing weighs like a pound and that's without the french fries on the side... a 'small' fries is enough for six people, easy. Today, I went for the double burger platter - no bacon, no cheese just my usual ketchup mustard and lettuce, with a small fries, to go. The photos accompanying this story reveal the true nature of such a modest order at the Admiral Submarine. And you know what? Of course i couldn't finish it. I'm 36 years old, and I have my heart and my family to think of. 'twas a time back in the day when the Banquet platter would have been a challenge I would have run to. Now, it gives me gas just thinking about it. Soooooo good, though. Categories: [Countryside]  [Exploring]  [WTF]  

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