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  currently viewing: The Central Ontario Railway Show The Model Railroad Club of Toronto is having its annual show... Sundays Feb 11, Feb 18 and Feb 25th! I went with my father and my son... Three generations of my family. Crazy. Anyway, we all seem to share an interest in trains, both full-size and miniature and what better way to spend an afternoon than to observe the massive model trainset the MRCT have put together. link. 171 Liberty Street East, Building 8, downstairs. Admission is $7 adults and $4 for kids... not wheelchair accessible. Sorry about the noisiness - it's pretty dark down there and a tripod just wasn't possible with the throngs of people! However, I think it has a kind of a National Geographic circa 1975-1985 feel to it as a result. Categories: [Goings-On]  [Neighbourhood]  [Toronto]  

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