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  currently viewing: Morning, after Rockwell. Taken on Thanksgiving Monday morning up in Bobcaygeon - this is my mother-in-law Doris with my daughter Chloe at breakfast. Doris is mid-conversation with my father-in-law Greg, thus her somewhat unflattering expression. But Chloe's face, her attention to me while I was capturing the moment (the morning light was fantastic as you can see) created what I can only describe as a "Norman Rockwell" moment. Rockwell had a real talent for creating realistic family moments, right down to the strange expressions we're all capable of. Categories: [Bobcaygeon]  [Family]  [Portraits]  

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  • Great shot, cute kid, and fantastic light.. Yup.. Rockwell it is!
    Ron: @ 2006-10-23 17:19:50


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