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  currently viewing: Hydro pylon footing, near Wesleyville Generating Station, Ontario. While out bouncing around the countryside on a whim I found myself following an access 'road' for a hydro right-of-way near the mothballed never completed [thanks Sean!] Wesleyville Generating Station. This is a footing of one of the many pylons in the area. I don't recommend the drive as it caused a bit of light scraping damage (buffable) to my truck along the way due to close-in tree growth... but it was a fun bit of offroading in any case. Categories: [Countryside]  [Exploring]  

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  • Wesleyville, actually, wasn't mothballed.. it was never completed. Some friends of mine have explored it. Interesting place. Parts of it are used for training purposes now.
    Sean Galbraith @ 2006-08-06 05:38:32


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