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I'm Hamish Grant and I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I was born here in the Annex neighbourhood and have lived here all my life.  In 2000 I married Christine, and we moved into a house in The Junction.  We have two wonderful children, Ethan (4) and Chloe (2).  Photography has been a part of my life for almost 20 years, first as a hobby, then as a career.  I think what draws me to it is a desire to interpret the world around me, to present what I see, and how I see it, to observers of my work and perhaps highlight something special or unique about our surroundings, the world we live in.  I enjoy all kinds of photography - my work is primarily digital, but I do still shoot film occasionally using antique or 'toy' cameras that possess unique characteristics.

Photobloggers whose work I admire:
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Recent Shows:
Cross-Cultural Solutions Silent Auction/Group Show, Le Petit Dejeuner Restaurant, June-July 2006
CONTACT 2006: SpeakEasy @ The Gladstone Hotel, May 2006
Toronto Photography Meetup Group ( Show, Art Square Gallery, December 2005

Publications: - Spring/Summer 2006 Issue: article on Tilt-Shift Photography

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